Myringotomy Tube Placement Post-Operative Instructions

For the next 24 hours:

Your child may be fossae and/or sleepy for most of the day.

Your child may have poor muscle control and weakness due to the anesthesia for the first few hours after surgery.

Your child may be unsteady for the first few hours when walking or crawling.

Begin liquid diet and slowly progress towards a regular diet. We recommend beginning with popsicles, Jell-O, clear soup and fruit juice after surgery.

It is not unusual for your child to vomit after surgery or after the first meal. Begin with spoonfuls of clear liquids and slowly progress with an oral diet. If vomiting persists, contact your physician.

Begin eardrops as described.

Expect some bleeding from the ear canals. You may use a cotton ball in the ear bowl to catch bleeding.

After 24 hours:

Keep ears dry.

Continue eardrops as prescribed.

Please cotton balls in the ear canals when bathing to prevent water exposure.

If purulent drainage persist after 3 days, contact your physician.

Arrange for a responsible adult to remain with the patient for 24 hours.

General instructions:

Contact 911 immediately if your child is difficult to arouse, has shortness of breath or chest pain.

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